Workshop choices

As in previous years, participants of the 2023 congress have one choice of a workshop among the 5 workshops A and one choice of a
workshop among the 5 workshops B.

Thus, each participant has two choices to make, namely:

One workshop (A) Thursday morning

One workshop (B) Thursday afternoon

Thursday, October 12, 2023 – From 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM (duration: 1h30).

List of workshops A

Choice of one workshop per participant.
The intersectionality of the mandates of committees and complaints commissioners: from theory to reality

Let’s dive into the application of the missions of the UC/IPC and the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner! In the form of a punchy presentation and a Q&A period, a Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner gives you the keys to the language of complaints, assistance, interventions, and reports of mistreatment. Let’s visit together the intersectionality of our common missions.

Workshop facilitator:

  • Mr. Jean-Philippe Payment, Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner and President of Regroupement des commissaires aux complaints et à la qualité des services du Québec
The range in ID-ASD-PD: services in harmony with people’s needs

The MSSS released the range of services in ID-ASD-PD in 2021. This comes in response to this desire that each person can have access to a complete and diversified range of services everywhere in Quebec. With the integration of services as a background, the development of this range, as much as the implementation work, relies on considerable collaboration with partners in the community. Among the latter, note the sustained involvement of partner users and members of user committees, enriching the relevance of ministerial orientations, since they were built based on user needs. In this workshop, the approach, the foundations, and the implementation work of the range will be presented. An exchange with the participants will make it possible to deepen certain questions and concerns.

Workshop facilitators:

  • Mr. Richard Penney, Director of Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Physical Rehabilitation Programs (MSSS)
  • Ms. Christine Lanctôt, Expert Advisor to the Department of Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Physical Rehabilitation Programs (MSSS)
Promote well-treatment towards elderly persons in all environments and contexts

Last March, the Ministry of Health and Social Services published its very first frame of reference on the well-treatment of older adults. This conference will allow you to become familiar with the well-treatment approach in a Quebec context as well as the various practices and strategies aimed at creating environments conducive to the well-treatment of all seniors. Four environments are specifically targeted: the community, the home and RPAs, workplaces and alternative living environments (particularly CHSLDs). What are the opportunities in your environment to intensify the promotion of well-treatment? This is the question that the participants will be asked to answer.

Workshop facilitator:

  • Ms. Sarah Fournier, Counselor in well-treatment and fight against elder abuse (MSSS)
  • Co-host: Mr. Rodrigue Gallagher, Counselor in promoting well-treatment (MSSS)
Best practices for collaboration between UC’s and the Department of Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics

User committees have existed and have been an integral part of institutions in the health and social services network for several years. According to the ministerial frame of reference, these committees act as guardians of the rights and interests of users in complementarity, among other things, with the establishment. Having common objectives to improve the quality of care and services to users and residents, users’ committees and the quality, evaluation, performance, and ethics departments have everything to gain from effective collaboration. This workshop illustrates the functioning of these entities for the benefit of users and residents. More specifically, the focus will be on the operating mechanisms and winning conditions of this collaboration, as well as on the possible avenues for resolution in the event of an impasse between the stakeholders. A period of discussion will allow questions and clarifications to be answered.

Workshop facilitators:

  • Ms. Katleen Busque, Acting Director, Ethics and Quality Department (MSSS)
  • Ms. Stéphanie Plourde, President of the CHU Sainte-Justine Users’ Committee
  • Ms. Geneviève Parisien, Director of Quality, Evaluation, Performance and Ethics at CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Coming soon, Integrated Health and Social Services Center
The user and the frontline actors, a relationship to be built

In the context of the reform of the health and social services network, users, patients, and citizens will increasingly have a forum to assert their needs. Local care and services are the basis of the system, yet the relationship between frontline actors and the community is not necessarily well-established or natural. We will discuss ways to strengthen this critical relationship to contribute to a partnership that benefits all parties.

Workshop facilitator:

Dr Félix Le-Phat-Ho

  • Administrator since 2021 on the Board of the RQMDSS (Quebec Association of Physicians for the Decentralization of the Health System)
  • Family doctor at the GMF-R le Trait d’Union in Delson and general medicine hospitalist at the Anna-Laberge hospital in Châteauguay since 2014



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